Seeds of Success: 17 Ways to Nurture the Greatness Within You

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By Sheryl Towers

Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.

Seeds of Success: 17 Ways to Nurture the Greatness Within You

ABOUT Sheryl Towers

Sheryl Towers
Once a victim of abuse, Sheryl Towers has achieved success as the founder of Life Enrichment Skills, a company dedicated to empowering individuals and companies to achieve peak efficiency and performance. She has been teaching the principles of wellness and personal effectiveness to leader More...



True success can be measured by a person's happiness and zest for life. It is only when they recognize the elements that contribute to success that their potential can be fulfilled. Sheryl Towers, the founder of Life Enrichment Skills, has recognized sixteen elements of life that lead to personal happiness. When put into practice, they enhance a person's outlook on life, their skills, and their abilities, helping them to develop into productive individuals. In order to pursue success, one must first identify what success means to them. Financial benefits and powerful positions are only the advantages that come with achievement. If life becomes an endless string of activity and accomplishments, it is easy for people to lose themselves along the way. Towers points out that there should always be an underlying goal that drives people and gives them an internal sense of fulfillment. There are sixteen inherent principles that keep a person along the right path. They exist in each person and must be nurtured and cultivated in order to blossom. Towers covers each of these principles in brief but powerful chapters within the book. She explains the value of self worth, the price of integrity, and the difference between wealth and money. From love and gratitude to self-discipline and accepting responsibility, Towers includes a balanced array of components. Maintaining a reserved approach, the author does not point blame, nor does she bestow pity. She writes of her own struggles as well as those of people throughout history who have overcome great obstacles. Each inclusion reveals how they benefited and overcame by practicing self-awareness, faith, and thinking constructively.