Flags of Civil War Arkansas, The

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By Glenn Dedmondt

Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.

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Glenn Dedmondt
Glenn Dedmondt spent much of his life in the United States Marine Corps. He has served in, among others, Vietnam; Okinawa; Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii; and Parris Island. He received a bachelor of science degree in elementary education from Southern Missionary College (now Southern Adventist Unive More...



"The most striking feature of the book is its color flag artwork and photography, the presentation of which is enhanced by nice quality glossy paper." -Civil War Books and Authors From the end of 1860 through the spring of 1861, representatives from throughout Arkansas gathered to discuss the option of secession. The question had been put to the legislators multiple times, but Unionist tendencies prevailed in Arkansas, and the state was not among the first to secede. On May 6, 1861, however, the representatives of the "Nary One" state met and decided that Arkansas belonged with her Southern brothers and voted 69 to 1 to dissolve their ties with the federal government. Throughout the course of the Civil War, Arkansas furnished sixty-five thousand men to serve in defense of the South, and each of the companies and regiments proudly bore a banner to represent their cause. In this painstakingly researched study of Arkansas Civil War-era flags, the author presents a stunning history of the Civil War in Arkansas as told through the state's company, battle, and regiment flags. Included are the Bonnie Blue Flag, the First National Flag of the Confederate States, and dozens of Arkansas Infantry and Cavalry regiment and battalion flags, along with a concise text about the history of each unit and flag itself.