Anatomy of a Waterfowl: For Carvers and Painters

Excerpts & Samples

By Charles Frank

Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.

ABOUT Charles Frank

Charles Frank
Charles W. Frank, Jr., a leading authority on the history and art of carving and painting duck decoys, writes from years of experience in the field and workshop. He has won many awards for his carvings, and he was one of the first three artists officially designated a Louisiana master craftsman.



For ages, man has marveled at the magnificent plumage of brilliantly colored birds- particularly waterfowl. Now, in this ground-breaking volume, Charles W. Frank, Jr. a widely acclaimed waterfowl carver and painter, presents photographically illustrated, step-by-step procedures for faithfully reproducing the myriad colors of waterfowl. Publication of ANATOMY OF A WATERFOWL For Carvers and Painters makes available to painters, sculptors, and carvers the techniques for accurately duplicating this rainbow of color. Frank, whose first book LOUISIANA DUCK DECOYS documented the history and techniques of duck carving in the state, acknowledges that the use of live fowl as models for carvers and painters is the preferred method; however, this technique is impractical for most craftsmen. In the place of live models Frank employs detailed full-color photographs of living specimens, each of which vividly illustrates the steps discussed. Included in this volume are twenty-three chapters with illustrations, and a glossary of art terms. Written for the amateur as well as the professional, the book encourages experimentation in this evolving art and delineates the use of new paints, tools, and techniques.