Memories of a Southern Woman of Letters

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By Grace King

Publisher : Pelican Publishing Company, Inc.

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Grace King



"An absorbing, winning memoir perfect for collections strong in either autobiography, women's writings or Southern history." --The Midwest Book Review "In a word, we are our past. We do not cling to it, it clings to us." --Grace King, Memories of a Southern Woman of Letters "Among southern writers of her time she was one of the few who achieved excellence in both history and fiction; in her work the one strongly reinforces the other." --Robert Bush, editor of Grace King of New Orleans In this enchanting memoir of life in New Orleans from the Civil War to the Great Depression, Grace King records the crises and changes in Crescent City society, as well as her own development as a writer. Here is a portrait of a woman who went through war and its aftermath and later assumed the role of independent woman and breadwinner. As a female pursuing an intellectual career, she broke with the Old South tradition, but as is well chronicled, her major projects, literary and personal, had to do with defending the South. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Grace King (1852-1932) was the acclaimed author of Balcony Stories; New Orleans, the Place and the People; Creole Families of New Orleans; and many other works. For almost fifty years, she reigned over a literary salon that included local writers, like M. E. M. Davis, Dorothy Dix, and Pearl Rivers, as well as national figures, such as Thomas Nelson Page, Charles Dudley White, and Mark Twain. Grace King of New Orleans, edited by Robert Bush, is also available from Pelican.