The Circle of Life - A Journey Through Grief to Understanding

ABOUT Joanne Aaronson

Joanne Aaronson
A number of years ago, a renouned intuitive called me Star Teacher during a reading indicating that I was indeed, a very old soul. She said I came in with a group of soul's thousands of years ago and it was my mission to teach others. When I was studying at the Edgar Cayce Institute for In More...


This inspirational memoir was written to provide comfort and support in the death of a loved one.

From Baltimore to the Baltics, this inspirational memoir tells of a love that reaches beyond the veil of death, of care-giving, and of the ravages of Alzheimer’s Disease. Written with a spiritually-enlightening, Kabbalistic view of life, death and beyond providing comfort for grief and loss.  “By reading this book our eyes are opened and our mind is exposed to ‘the circle of life’.” 

Joanne Aaronson is an intuitive life coach and ordained spiritual non-denominational minister holding certifications from the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies. A former, project management professional, Joanne bridges both corporate and spiritual worlds as an intuitive, author, coach and workshop presenter. Her book provides insights into her version of spiritual principles.


In the summer of 2007, my father was gravely ill from the aftermath of a fall which landed him in the hospital. While I, an intensely spiritual person, was traveling in my ancestral Baltic homeland, I began receiving clairaudient messages from him meant to console my mother, just before and after he passed. In this inspirational memoir, I chronicle how my father, although not close to me in life – became more so after death, and the journey my widowed mother took to reconstruct her life after the only man she ever loved was gone. Once the messages began, it quickly became clear that I was being guided by the repeating symbol of the Circle of Life to capture the communications that went beyond the veil of death. My father’s messages and the amazing synchronistic events surrounding them divinely inspired me to provide daily guidance to my grieving mother to eventually understand that there was, in fact, more to live for.

Mid-West Book Review - 5 Star Pick! "Even with death, you can still form bonds. "The Circle of Life: A Journey Through Grief to Understanding" is a memoir from Joanne Aaronson as she reflects on her own bonds with her father who in life, she was distant from and how after his tragic death, she learned that there was something stronger between them that she didn't see. Thoughtful and thought provoking for grieving readers, "The Circle of Life" is a choice pick.

"This is a very well written book, not only does it keep the reader interested in content but educates him/her along the way. It starts out almost as the author’s diary but soon begins to absorb other members of her family, namely her mother in the passing experience of her father, and the communication through her from him from beyond the grave. The synchronicity of the ancient symbol of the ‘Circle of Life’ is beyond coincidence and leaves one as a believer of the possibility of ‘Through Grief to Understanding’."
                   Michelle Lusson, DD, author of
Creative Wellness and   founder emeritus of the Community Chapel for Wholistic Healing.

"Clairaudient Joanne Aaronson gives a personal and intimate portrayal of the difficult challenges and pain surrounding the death of a loving father and husband. How the author and her family cope with that passing is the subject of this heartfelt and uplifting story, a compelling confirmation that death, representing the spirit's release from its temporary space-time constraints, is but a physical illusion."

                                     T. Lee Baumann, author of God at the Speed of Light: The Melding of Science and Spirituality , Window to God, The Akashic Light: Religion's Religion's Common Thread, and The Seagu11 Project: a black hole science adventure to the center of our galaxy (

“By reading this book our eyes are opened and our mind is exposed to ‘the circle of life’."
                              Rabbi Yenkel Kreiman
, Palm Springs, CA