I Don't Want to Be a Leader! But...

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By Decarlos Kinds

Publisher : Precepts and Promises Publishing

ABOUT Decarlos Kinds

Decarlos Kinds
I have always loved words and desired to be a published author since kindergarten. Words are powerful. They can tear down, build up, reveal and conceal. Especially poetry. I penned two books of inspirational poetry because it was those words that gave me strength and gave my life meaning w More...



I Don't Want to Be a Leader! But... is help for every stage of ministry. From NO WAY! to ALL THE WAY!

Like Moses, many are afraid to pursue God’s call to a life of ministry for fear of failure.

Countless others, like Jonah, renege on their ministerial call for fear of success.

Whether you like it or not, God has designed you to be a leader. Since others will automatically follow you, you must prepare to lead them God’s way.

Be courageous. Take this poetic journey through each chapter: The Message, Trials, God’s Character, Relationship, Tools, and Ministry. It all ends with a glory that Eye Has Not Seen. Use the journal pages following each segment to chart your personal course to the ministry God designed you for.

Most who begin to read it, can’t put it down!  It is easily used as a devotional, a Sunday School book and for Bible Study lessons for ministry-minded individuals.

Some of the poems in I Don’t Want to Be a Leader! But… are carryover from my first book, Deliverance: An Allegory of Scripture. The relationship enhanced between God and me, during that work, morphed into a desire to minister, to serve others, with the wonderful information I had learned about the complete goodness of God’s nature. As a minister’s wife and church secretary, I saw intimately the struggles and triumphs occurring within ministers active in everyday ministry. I learned that some people pursue ministry for titles and the honor of men. Some pursue ministry out of a sense of familial obligation and legacy. And some forgo ministry due to the negatives they see in others. This collection of poems in I Don’t Want to Be a Leader! But… addresses the many phases of ministry that every minister will experience. Whether you are destined to minister out front or behind the scenes, the honesty of your relationship with God and his people is vital to your ministerial success. These 53 scripturally backed poems cause you to evaluate your spiritual state, motives and goals. Read and revisit this book to refresh, refocus and strengthen your ministries.

“If you ever contemplated/thought if God is really real—and does He really see me in this state—the answer is YES. God gives hope in what seems hopeless situations, and sends encouragement until He chooses to bring us out. The book, “I Don’t Want to Be a Leader!, But…” balms/soothes all the processes that “God’s” leader has and will go through. To read someone’s life—that allows herself to become naked and unashamed is truly God. Real life—real God.” Mrs. Rona Huckabee, Evangelist, Chagrin Falls, OH

“Practical, powerful, and provoking one to purpose. A must read for anyone who ever felt a tug from God on purpose.”           Bishop Wm. B. Smith, Sr., Senior Pastor-The Sanctuary of Praise, Twinsburg, OH

“Decarlos’ writing is a genuine reflection of experiential insight that mirrors her soul conveying deliverance and liberation. I Don’t Want to Be a Leader!, But…, is a self-inventory check for the reader to honestly do an introspection.” Mrs. Evelyn Cheek, Greensboro, NC