Deliverance: An Allegory of Scripture

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By Decarlos Kinds

Publisher : Precepts and Promises Publishing

ABOUT Decarlos Kinds

Decarlos Kinds
I have always loved words and desired to be a published author since kindergarten. Words are powerful. They can tear down, build up, reveal and conceal. Especially poetry. I penned two books of inspirational poetry because it was those words that gave me strength and gave my life meaning w More...



Deliverance: An Allegory of Scripture shares with the reader intimate snap-shots and conversations between God and the author. Each poem chronicles the ups and downs, fears and faith, joys and struggles of their deepening relationship in an honest and revealing way. Each poem is followed by supporting scriptures. The book’s chapters are: Communion, Time, Deliverance and Wisdom.

Deliverance: An Allegory of Scripture reveals the journey of how Kinds’ trust in God’s Word delivered her and testifies that it can deliver anyone who has been devastated, but not destroyed.

 This book is a quick read that impacts you long after you’ve turned the last page. Deliverance is waiting.


In 1990, I was working in a job I detested, in a marriage that was miserable, in a life that was totally beneath the promises I read in the Bible. I sought God and begged for a reason to live. I expected the situations in my life to change as my answered prayer. That is not what I received. I received words. Words began to flow from me that I was compelled to write and connect, and research. God began showing me allegories, word pictures that explained scriptures to me. The allegories made Bible verses real to me—they made God real to me. My life did not change, but my focus upon God’s words changed me. Deliverance: An Allegory of Scripture is my sharing with you the revelations that God shared with me with supporting scriptures following each poem. From my belief that God wanted me to share these revelations, I embarked on a journey to publish and promote this book myself. Miraculous doors opened to bring it to pass. Unmerited favor came to me that allowed me access to computers to write the book. A graphic artist donated his skills to typeset the book and design it’s cover. A co-worker provided an unsolicited loan to print the book, completing the five-year journey from just words to published work. Deliverance: An Allegory of Scripture is a project that God miraculously manifest.

“Decarlos Kinds’ words pulsate with the presence of God. She has been through much brokenness and has acquired a depth with God that penetrates our heart at its deepest level."

Sid Roth ,It’s Supernatural! - TV and Radio Host, Brunswick, GA

“God has granted Decarlos Kinds a unique and delightful gift of language; an ability to weave ordinary words into extraordinary images. Her collection ‘Deliverance’ leads the reader through confrontations with fear, despair and loneliness, on a journey that leads to renewal, hope and praise—all with sound support from scripture. Great devotional reading!”, Mark Ribbins, Ribbins Book Store,   Cleveland, OH

“Profound! Revealing! Enlightening and Exciting! Deliverance: An Allegory of Scripture communicates the rhema of god into spirits of men. These dynamic snapshots of interactions in the heavenly realms reveal the conflicts between good and evil, God and Satan, the kingdom of light verses the kingdom of darkness. Powerful! These mini-series’ articulate spiritual truths through the lost art of ‘word pictures’. This book could be used as a ‘survival manual’ for the soldiers of Jesus Christ.”, Bishop William B. Smith, Sr. Senior Pastor—The Sanctuary of Praise, Twinsburg, OH

“Decarlos’ devotional, ‘Deliverance’, ignites and catapults a fatigued soul to find renewed strength in an intimate encounter with the Lord continually. The reader cannot remain spiritually complacent.", Evelyn B. Cheek, Greensboro, NC

“Deliverance’ is a true masterpiece, and in my opinion, one of the greatest literary works ever written. Decarlos Kinds takes you on a journey with God, and the journey itself is deliverance.”, Antoinette Hodo, Akron, OH