The Net Present Value of Life

General Fiction

By Michael Di Lauro

Publisher : General Store Publishing House

ABOUT Michael Di Lauro

Michael Di Lauro
If you're looking for original ideas, if you're looking for a creative point of view, then Michael Di Lauro might be the person for you. With 15+ years of writing, teaching and consulting under his belt, Michael has, let's just say, seriously original and creative ideas about society, care More...


It can't get any worse for Charles.
Tired of his career, fed up with his routine existence, and going through a supposed mid-life crisis, Charles has a need--a longing--for something more. His current job, while financially rewarding, doesn't cut it anymore, and it leaves Charles moving through his long days overpowered by a double shot of anger and restlessness. What Charles needs is purpose, that elusive something that will give him a sense of accomplishment, excitement, reward.
Charles's only joy is his iPod and a park near his office. There, he meets an elderly Englishwoman with a peculiar view of the world. After a difficult first encounter, she becomes Charles's mentor, revealing to him her awe-inspiring secrets for living a rewarding and meaningful life.
Charles is well on his way to enlightenment until, one days, he discovers a secret of his own. His mysterious park friend is an impostor with an even more mysterious past. Charles now has a new and more troubling problem; who is this woman and what is she up to?
Often poignant, at times hilarious, yet always thought-provoking, The Net Present Value of Life is supported by a cast of offbeat characters that includes a brown-nosing co-worker with a heart of gold, an institutional investor jailed for raiding corporate coffers, and a private investigator who first raises doubts about Charles's enigmatic lady friend. 
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