The Hiding Place of Thunder - 2010 INDIE BOOK AWARD WINNER for FICTION

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

By Keith Remer

Publisher : Enlighten Press

ABOUT Keith Remer

Keith Remer
Keith Remer is a former police officer, a retired Army colonel and now teaches leadership courses to college students. He is an Oklahoma rancher who enjoys good scotch, fine cigars, and long trips on his Harley Davidson with his wife, Carrie.


2010 INDIE Book Award Grand Prize Winner for Fiction
Terrible things are happening in Pushmataha County, Oklahoma. A black teen and his white girlfriend have disappeared. After an altercation with white ruffians, a Choctaw Indian turns up missing as well. It’s not a good time for a Jewish boy from Boston to spend time in this place where it seems minorities are suddenly unwelcome.


Sheriff Burl Hansen has his hands full even before fate forces him to bond with the boy from Boston. Hansen, though, will not heed the mystical warnings of a Choctaw holy man until it’s too late to save citizens from the terror of good intentions gone awry.


In a Godly community where honorable men have strayed, only a force beyond human comprehension can intervene from The

Hiding Place
of Thunder.


"No writer has grabbed my attention since I read my first John Grisham novel. If The Hiding Place of Thunder is an example of Keith Remer's novels to come, America and the world have discovered a great new author. I am hooked, and a Remer fan for life."

—Steve Binder, producer, director and author, 68 at 40 Retrospective and If I Can Dream


"Keith Remer is truly one of the most gifted storytellers of our time. The Hiding Place of Thunder is a haunting and provocative masterpiece, which leaves the reader no choice but to keep turning its pages. It's one of those books that will keep you thinking about it long after you've finished reading it."

—Stacy D. Shelton, author, Me, the Crazy Woman and Breast Cancer


Keith Remer knows his craft and weaves compelling stories taken from real life. His novels present those kinds of reflective moments we need to take pause with in our own lives. He has inspired and taught me.

—Chris Querry, author, Alat Farad, Eden’s Keys, and A Love Made Real, reviewer,