Rogue Hunter: Quest of the Hunter

ABOUT Kevis Hendrickson

Kevis Hendrickson


Zyra Zanr is the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy. Criminals everywhere cower at her name. During the attempt to capture a notorious fugitive, she stumbles onto a conspiracy to murder the senators of the InterGalactic Alliance. Behind this plot is a clandestine force seeking to destroy not only the Intergalactic Alliance, but mankind as well.

War looms on the horizon as Zyra collides with this deadly force threatening to rock the very the foundations of time and space. Zyra’s quest to uncover the mastermind behind this plot will pit her against an evil menace beyond her wildest imagination. Only Zyra can save humanity from an impending holocaust. Victory will mean the salvation of the human race. Failure will mean the end of all that Zyra holds dear. The battle for the future has begun!

Back in the early 1990's, the expression 'female action hero' was a largely unknown concept. Xena had not yet ruled the airwaves and Lara Croft wouldn't appear until almost the end of the decade. In reality, outside of the world of comic books, it was no easy feat to find a strong female protagonist who fit the concept of action hero. Rogue Hunter was born out of this climate. Zyra Zanr, the star of Rogue Hunter represents the iconic female hero. She is beautiful, intelligent, tough-as-nails, and quite dangerous to anyone who crosses her path. As an intergalactic bounty hunter, she has taken up the call to hunt the worst criminals in all of space. Zyra's battle against the forces of evil is a difficult one for her to undertake for her violent lifestyle is at odds with her religious beliefs. But her greatest fear is that, in the process of trying to do good, she will become the thing she hates most. The moral dilemma Zyra faces in her quest to purge the universe of the criminals who terrorize it tests her resolve. But this is the price she is willing to pay in order to bring some semblance of civility to the galaxy. Zyra's role as a battle-hardened bounty hunter will soon take an unexpected change as she is swept up the winds of destiny. If you're a fan of exciting, action-packed space opera, then Rogue Hunter is the book for you!

Sci-Fi is not my first choice of genre, as I’ve previously read quite a few authors from Crichton, whom I found long-winded in places, to Azimov. I found him a bit too far fetched. Both excellent writers nonetheless. If only there was an author that slotted right in the middle. Thankfully, I found that missing piece of work in the form of Rogue Hunter. Mr Hendrickson should be very proud of this book.

OK, so what does a non Sci-Fi buff make of it? The beauty is that, if you enjoy stories that are packed full of action, adventure, emotion, suspense, fun, laser fire, explosions and the imagery of shooting across the stars in a broken down ship called Helship-II, with an attitude to match it’s owner, the battle-scared babe, Zyra.
Mr Hendrickson has created a myriad of multi-layered characters, each feeding off another and bringing to the fore those all-important reasons why we hate or love a character. The actors attitudes tend to reflect the complexity of the universe and different time zones in which they reside.

The first few chapters are used to grab you by both arms, the middle shakes you ‘till your teeth chatter with the fast pace, then the thrill at the last part of the book hits you with 1000 volt shocks until the last page. It’s a shame there was a last page, I love roller coaster rides. I may emerge myself again in this book to escape reality in future.
—Andy Love, author of Short Shocks Vol. 1