Hide & Seek


By Valerie Mann

Publisher : The Wild Rose Press

ABOUT Valerie Mann

Valerie Mann
I am a published author of sensual and erotic romance stories. I also own a romance review website, Got Romance Reviews.



When Kelly Donovan meets firefighter Nick Barrantes at her sister’s annual summer party, the sparks fly. Famous for its games, this year’s party includes Hide and Seek and Kelly is determined to find a cozy place to hide with Nick.


Trapped in a closet together during the game, neither anticipates the sizzling passion that flares between them. But after the smoke clears and the party ends, Kelly begins to have second thoughts about their encounter. And when she leaves the party without saying goodbye, Nick lets her know exactly how he feels. About the hot sex and about her!

Ever since I decided to seriously sit down and write a romance book, I was told, "Don't write in first person point-of-view. It's difficult and readers don't like it as much as third person." So, I listened to those experts. And as most fiction authors will tell you, they hear the voices of their characters. And the heroine in Hide & Seek had a lot to say. And she didn't want anyone else doing the talking. Hence...her story is told in her words. I'll never listen to those experts again!

"If there’s one thing I learned while reading Hide & Seek, it’s this: A childhood game has never been so fun, naughty, or hot!! Valerie Mann has written a deliciously wicked short erotic story that tugs at your heart and will have you clamoring for more" ~ Whipped Cream Reviews

"Hide & Seek was a very cleverly written story with humor, sexual tension and wit. The characters were full of fun...I have never read any of Ms. Mann's work but love her writing style" ~ You Gotta Read Reviews

"Have you ever read a story that grabbed you on the first page, bit into your ass and just wouldn't let go? But then, you really didn't want it to let go anyway..." ~ Seriously Reviewed

"Valerie did a great job of giving the characters personality, and I quickly became enamoured with Kelly, our heroine. She was funny and likeable. And the hero, Nick, left me drooling..." ~ Mistress Bella Reviews