Bad Agent

General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

By Bill Raetz

Publisher : World Espionage Bureau Press

ABOUT Bill Raetz

Bill Raetz
Pulp fiction author and creator of the World Espionage Bureau spy noir series.


Bryce Attewelle wanted revenge for a murdered agent. What he got was an E ticket ride through Las Vegas!
“A spy genre king.”

—Koop Kooper

“[Raetz] has the coolest, sexiest reads!”

—Betsey Bosen

“A rough and tumble ride with a lot of surprises along the way.”

—Jordan Rich, WBZ Boston

“[Raetz’s] attention to detail and ability to seamlessly weave intrigue with double-crosses is mesmerizing.”

—Mike Collins, Crime Critics

“…fast-paced action-adventure—taking us all back to the days when spy novels were exciting and fun.”

—Dr. Wesley Britton, SpyWise

“Spy fiction returns to noir.”

—The Spy Report

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