By Maggi Coleman

Publisher : Awe-Struck Publishing

ABOUT Maggi Coleman

Maggi Coleman
I am a multi-published author with a BA in English and a Masters Degree in Creative Writing. I write mysteries and historical romance novels under the pen name: Maggi Andersen.
I live in the countryside outside Sydney, Australia with husband, cat and the ducks in the stream at the bo More...


A lady is found scandalously clad and unconscious on a road by a duke. He takes her in and having lost her  memory, names her Viola. Viola must make her way in the world of the ton. But she has broken all of their rules and there is little left to her. If she is to become the mistress of a rich man, might it be the man she loves, the Duke of Vale, and not the Prince of Wales?

HE IS A MAN OF HONOR The Duke of Vale is destined to marry the woman chosen for him by his parents. But he cannot forget the beautiful and mysterious woman he calls Viola. SHE IS A WOMAN OF SECRETS After losing her memory, Viola knows only of her Classical education, and her love for the Duke of Vale. In her flight from danger, she has broken all the rules of conduct. She has only two choices, to become a governess or a wealthy man’s mistress. As she falls further in disgrace and her choices narrow, she must fight for what is hers.

Seriously Reviewed review of Maggi Andersen's Rules of Conduct


The reviewer rated Maggi's story an 8.5 and gave the presentation of the novel a rating of 9, giving the novel a total score of 17.5.


"This is one of those stories that you just can't help but like...The characters were memorable and the plot solid. I totally enjoyed every page and found the ending well worth the journey. It was one that I can see re-reading many times before /if I get tired of it.


Ms Andersen has done a great job in creating a wonderful tale that kept me interested and involved. I look forward to reading more from this author :)"

Third Duke of Vale, Hugh Beauchamp is on his way home to Vale Park when his carriage stumbles upon an unconscious woman lying in the road. Intrigued, Hugh finds himself in a precarious situation, although he should send the woman to the servant’s quarters and relieve himself of the responsibility, he finds himself enamored by the lady with no memory who he soon names Viola.

Already promised to another, Hugh sends Viola to his Nanny’s home who lives on the estate, not quite willing to let her go.  Their friendship continues to develops both suppressing the feelings that stir when in each other‘s company.  Hugh finds himself conflicted on doing what is right or what his heart is telling him.

Viola grows to feel fondly of Hugh and his graciousness with helping her find out who she is.  Although she has smatterings of memory coming back, nothing that is useful in revealing who she is.  Hugh’s sister  takes Viola under her wing into Bath hoping for recognition of this beautiful young lady who they  feel is destined for something special.

The Rules of Conduct is one of those books that once you set down, you think about until you can you can pick the book back up and return to the world of Viola and Hugh.  Maggie Anderson has written a magnificent story, I was captivated and enthralled with the characters, setting , and step back into time with Rules of Conduct.  One of my favorite stories this year. Single Title