An Uneducated View of Sex, Food and Politics


By Derek Haines

Publisher : CreateSpace

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Derek Haines
An author of fiction, historical fiction, essays and poetry, Derek Haines writes his books from a view of what fascinates him and not from a formula based on one theme or genre. Starting with poetry before moving into essays and fiction novels, his writing is varied but is always written i More...



What is the meaning of life?

Where do I fit in the scheme of things?

What is this book about?

If you are looking for answers to the above questions, this is NOT the place to look. This book covers many topics. But none in depth. It doesn’t ask too many questions. So logically from this perspective, it doesn’t answer many questions either. It does however have some recipes.

In between the recipes there are passages of meandering text that are placed in a clever word order so as to create utter confusion for the reader, and include (above all else) phrases in brackets that further test the reader’s patience. There are also (1) and no pictures.

This book was written in 1998. Today it is 2009. So what has changed. Not much, except I use and Apple uni-boby laptop now to put words into a clever order.

Read the inside stuff now if you dare.

(1) Footnotes to further confuse.
5.0 out of 5 stars
A Strange Read By Vivo 

This review is from: An Uneducated View of Sex, Food and Politics (Paperback)
This was a very strange read. At first I had trouble understanding what the book was about at all. It wandered from subject to subject with seemingly gay abandon and then suddenly came together at about page 125. The author describes it as a rampage, and I have to agree. He even admits to forgetting the foreword and then includes it half way through the book. 

In the end, it is collection of thoughts about parenthood, life, age, love and things the author likes and doesn't. It is the first book I have ever read that has recipes dotted through the story, but they really are connected to each story. I haven't tried to cook any yet though. Some of the stories are truly off the wall, but then I think 
Derek Haines really wants his readers to think he is a bit odd. 

It was an enjoyable read and written in a very direct and individual style.