Some Kind of Normal

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By Heidi Willis

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ABOUT Heidi Willis

Heidi Willis
Heidi Willis was born in Texas but spent most of her youth growing up in Virginia. After graduating from Penn State with degrees in Education and Communications, she returned to her roots to teach middle school English and theatre near the Fort Hood, TX Army post. There she met her husband More...


If faith is all her daughter needs to be cured, Babs is sure the church and her family have more than enough. But when twelve-year-old Ashley develops a rare and deadly allergy to insulin – the only medicine that can keep her alive – Babs turns to the Internet and science instead of friends and God to find the cure the doctors say isn’t there. The question she must face is this: how far would you go to save someone you love?
In Some Kind of Normal, author Heidi Willis explores the strength of the human spirit and a family in crisis. As the Babcock family faces a life-threatening illness, they must also deal with the opposing positions of medical science and their church. Heidi's book brings these issues together in a clear, compelling tale that held my interest from the first page until the end.

Among other things, this story explores the diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes, in itself a life-changing event. Then the family faces devastating setbacks. With the illness as a central theme, Heidi writes about a family coming to grips with issues that touch every aspect of their lives. This book is a great read, an inspirational story, and an excellent way to gain insight into how we can balance our religious beliefs with medical science. Heidi challenges us to ask: Are we healed by God, or by medical science created by God? Some Kind of Normal allows each reader to explore this question without prejudice or bias.

Congratulations to the author on a wonderful story. --Randall L. Strozyk, Chief Executive Officer, American Medical Response