Bringing Forth the End of Days

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Simon Law

Publisher : Eloquent Books

ABOUT Simon Law

Simon Law
Born and raised in Crawley, West Sussex, England. Author of 'Bringing Forh the End of Days'. Fan of all Apocalyptic Fiction, and Horror. Favorite authors include: Stephen King, Richard Laymon, Dean koontz and John Christopher.  




In September 2013 the world awakes to find itself engulfed in a mysterious green fog. Although appearing harmless at first, the devastating effects of the gas quickly unveil themselves, as a deadly carcinogenic virus contained within the gas begins to infect and kill all plant life on Earth. As oxygen levels plummet down to dangerous lows, accusations and upheavals trigger a world wide nuclear war which brings all known civilization to an abrupt end. Having survived the catastrophe, Thomas and a small group of random survivors find themselves completely isolated in a 4 bedroom house and owing their lives to a strange new piece of technology that provides the house with breathable air. Among the group is a young boy by the name of Jacob,  who, after having extreme surgical modifications, is the only one with the freedom the venture out into the desolate wilderness. Distraught by their bleak existence, the group finally devise a plan to track down the manufacturers of their strange oxygenating machine in the hope of finding more survivors and some form of salvation, but the path ahead would hold many dangers and one member of the group has a dark secret to reveal to them.
A great mixture of science fiction, horror and ecological questioning make for a great debut novel. -- September 2009

A science fiction adventure of laudable scope and energy. -- October 2009

This gripping sci-fi thriller will haunt your dreams for the duration of its read -- Bizarre Magazine, October 2009

Highly Recommended! November 2009

Simon Law's debut apocalyptic novel Bringing Forth the End of Days has readers gasping with every page ! --, December 2009

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