"Trick" - From The Crawlspace

ABOUT Darryl Dawson

Darryl Dawson
I'm a native of Los Angeles currently living in Phoenix, AZ and working for a television station.  I've written two books:  The Crawlspace and Cold Sweat; at the moment I am working on a novel.


Halloween is a miserable time for a lonely old woman, especially since her pet cat was brutally murdered by trick-or-treaters, but now she has a plan to make this the best Halloween ever...

This is one of seventeen chilling stories in the first offering from Darryl Dawson, "The Crawlspace." Given an Honorable Mention in the 2010 Hollywood Book Festival, this anthology of terror is quietly becoming one of the most sought-after books in its genre.  "The Crawlspace"--this is where horror is hiding...

The original version of this book was published in September of 2009 by Author House, and since then it has garnered praise from horror fans across the country. "The Crawlspace" is where horror hides, where nightmares collect and breed, where darkness takes shape. In this exclusive, expanded edition of Darryl Dawson's highly-praised anthology, you will find seventeen stories that will captivate you and make you see horror in a whole new way. Read it, and know what all the screaming is about!

"Bravo!  (The Crawlspace is) one horror anthology that is sure to thrill!"
-Debbie Wiley, Book Illuminations

"Dawson's stories are gripping and quickly captivate the reader.  Fans of horror stories will find The Crawlspace to be a frightening, attention-grabbing read."  -Melissa B. Levine, Independent Book Reviewers

"Raw and gritty, yet strangely fascinating..."
-Renee Washburn, Apex Reviews