Friends in the Meadow-Birds

Children's Books

By Peggy Williams

Publisher : AuthorHouse

ABOUT Peggy Williams

Peggy Williams
Peggy Williams, M.Ed., LPC, is a retired licensed counselor. She received her Master's degree at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. She spent twenty plus years working with children and their parents. She understands that both need positive activities that help build self-esteem and  More...


Friends in the Meadow-Birds is a childrens book introducing the hobby of bird watching. In addition to learning about the hobby, the purpose of the book is to get children involved in nature, the great outdoors and learning about the environment.

The leading “lady” in the book is Lovie Dove who introduces the reader to her many bird friends and shares what life is like around the meadow near Mr. and Mrs. Wilson’s farm. Along with the story line is about sixty bird photos and factual information about the birds that help the child learn to identify the different species. The book has a glossary that helps the child and the non-birding parent learn bird-watching terms. The child is encouraged to begin their "Life List" of the first twenty birds they learn to identify. After completing the list, the parent, Scout-master, teacher or other adult confirms and presents the child with a certificate that is located on the last page of the book. This certificate helps to build the child's self-esteem. Parent participation is encouraged giving both parent and child quality time together, thus aiding in building a deeper relationship. 

My life's work has always centered on helping others. As a licensed therapist and the wife of a Methodist minister, I found myself every day around children either at work, home or church. Many children in today’s fast world are hurting for quality time and closer relationships with positive adults. The best way I’ve found that parents can provide this for their children is to plan and take the time to be with their children and enjoy activities together. This provides time not only for hobbies or whatever activity but also for the much needed conversations to take place between parent and child that helps to form closer, trusting relationships. This goes a long way in getting through the teen years for both of them. As we both are nearing retirement age, we hope to continue helping through writing in one form or another. I decided to use the children’s book genre to share with the children while encouraging parent participation as well.

Friends in the Meadow


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Review Excerpts:

“Peggy Williams has written a delightful, fun, and educational introduction to bird watching for children. The book is wonderfully written with younger children in mind perhaps pre-school through elementary school. I think this book would make an excellent addition to elementary school science curriculums, Girl Scout and Boy Scout troop activities, 4-H and Cloverbud group activities, or for that special child who loves nature.”

By K. Bird

“The book is written in a narrative nonfiction format that makes it quite readable.”

By Novelist, Author of Writing Children’s Books for Dummies

“At the stories heart is a message of acceptance. By accepting each other the way we are, not in spite of our differences but with them, the world can be a more peaceful place. Who wouldn’t want to impact both the knowledge of Nature as well as these heartfelt sentiments to the next generation?”

By G. Reba

“I would recommend it to bird watchers anywhere who hope to influence their children to get a feel for birding.”

By P.A. Whittington, Author of What a Hullabaloo!

“What a great book for any child! “Friends in the Meadow-Birds” has beautiful photos of birds. This book is bound to start any child to a life-long hobby of birding.”

By Barbara J. Smith, Author of A Surprise for Grandmother Rabbit

“I recommend this book to parents, teachers or leaders of organizations interested in exposing kids of any age to the wonderful hobby of birding. Thank you Peggy, for putting together such a sweet and educational book for kids.”

By Lisa Maddock, Author of A Tale of Two Guinea Pigs and The Bridezilla Who Stole Christmas-A Teddy & Pip Story.