Work In Progress Notebook


By Jeannie Ruesch

Publisher : Jeannie Ruesch

ABOUT Jeannie Ruesch

Jeannie Ruesch



Keep your manuscript details organized!

Do you have sticky notes everywhere with details about your characters or plot points?

Do you have computer files, notebooks, loose leaf papers, even napkins with the valuable information you need to keep control of your manuscript?

Have all the Information you need at the tip of your fingers with this wirebound notebook.

From start to published, keep track of the details of every step of your novel with this notebook of outlines. With a combination of detailed outlines, questions and character profiles as well as plenty of blank, lined pages for your notes and thoughts, this notebook makes the perfect companion to finishing your novel.

This WIP Notebook was created out of one writer's growing need to get the notes, sticky notes and napkins containing her novel details under control. The WIP Notebook will help you get organized.

"Jeannie Ruesch has created the perfect tool for writers. This workbook has everything you'll need to stay organized--all in one place!" 

--NY Times Bestselling Author Brenda Novak

I purchased a copy of this book a year ago to help me organize my thoughts on the manuscript that I was writing. It is by far one of the best project notebooks I have ever seen. Ms. Ruesch does a fantastic job of giving you a place to put all of your random thoughts about your WIP and keeps all of your project in one place! Two thumbs up!"  ~ Valerie Oakleaf

"...the Work in Progress Notebook contains pages for every kind of information you’d need to record about your novel as you write it, from initial thoughts on character and plot to submission and publication. ... it’s clear that this is the product of a working writer’s experience—and not how a programmer or publisher might imagine a writer would work."