What Shall We Do With This Life? God Has The Answer...

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By Stephen Caravana

Publisher : Vineyard Sound Books

ABOUT Stephen Caravana

Stephen Caravana
Stephen Caravana grew up in Dartmouth, MA, and spent many years working as a commercial fisherman out of New Bedford before pursuing a career in the medical profession as a registered nurse, graduating from Cape Cod Community College and the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth.  He al More...

God has given each of us a life to live, and has provided us with everything we could ever ask for and more. But if you truly believe that as I do, you will ask yourself the question; What shall I do with this life God has given me? And, how shall I live a life that will be God-centered and pleasing to my Lord and Creator? Searching for these answers will not be easy for us. But if we ask Jesus to help us choose the path that will help us to honor and glorify His Holy Name, he will reveal to us things that others may never witness. How do I know this, you ask? Because I have witnessed firsthand the power and glory of God, and I have been touched by His hand time and time again throughout my life. In this book, I bear witness to some of those miracles, and I will show you ways to recognize the miracles that God has worked in your life. By writing this book of hope, God has given me the strength to tell others about his infinite glory and message of truth. I hope that you will begin to see the blessings he has bestowed upon you, recognize his awesome power, bear witness to his glory, and give thanks and praise by telling others about his goodness. God will answer all of our prayers, and the prayers of all his faithful, but we must remain vigilant, we must be patient, and we must stay awake in our journey of faith. He will be there for us always, but we must not be blind to the miracles he performs in our lives daily, and we must not take for granted all that he has given us, everything that is good. It all comes from Him, and we must never forget that! And let us not forget to give him the thanks and praise that are fitting for all of the wonders he has revealed to us in this life here on earth. If we truly believe, and if we live lives of true faith by following the teachings of Jesus Christ, our lives will be transformed, and we will find all that we are searching for. We will find our place in a God-centered existence, and we will understand exactly what our loving Father wants us to do on our faith journey. He will provide us with all of the answers, all of the wisdom, all of the strength, and he will show us the path that we must follow in order to fulfill the purpose that he’s had for us before we even entered the world. Each of us was created in God’s own image and likeness, and he has a special purpose in mind for every one of his children. It is only fitting that he will reveal to us what it is that he wants us to do in this lifetime. But, we will only realize that purpose once we’ve immersed ourselves in Him, seek out our riches in Heaven not on earth, by bearing witness to God, and by taking up our cross and following our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And, when our earthly journey is finished, we will be standing in the presence of our Loving Father, and he will be pleased with us for our devoted service, and we will then know that what we did was exactly what God wanted us to do with our lives.