Take A Chance


By Eve Langlais

Publisher : Champagne Books

Take A Chance

ABOUT Eve Langlais

Eve Langlais
New Canadian romance author Eve Langlais is a mother of three residing outside the Toronto area in Ontario. She has a passion for reading, loves to play video games with her family and along with her husband always has some kind DIY-er project on the go.



Samantha's searching for a hero, but finds a wizard in need of rescuing instead.

Shy librarian Samantha longs to find her one true love, but in today’s modern world, finding a dashing hero seems to be an impossible to task. So Chance decides to step in and what follows is pure adventure as Samantha finds herself magically teleported to a tropical island where she meets a hunky wizard in need of rescuing.

Sinclair, is a wizard of the high council, cursed to live alone on a tropical island with little hope of rescue, that is til a luscious librarian is dropped onto his beach. Having been betrayed by love once, he’s leery of trusting again but as he and Samantha overcome the magical obstacles set in their way, they discover that true love awaits them if they only Take A Chance.

I wanted to read a fantasy book that was fun. Since I couldn't seem to find one I liked, I sat down and wrote one lol. I aimed for fun, adventurous romance with a touch of magic. Let me know if I suceeded.

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