People of the Sword

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Neil ODonnell

Publisher : A-Argus

ABOUT Neil ODonnell

Neil ODonnell
Neil O’Donnell is an anthropologist and life-long resident of Western New York. After years of studying changes to Native American and European societies through contact, he incorporated his discoveries into journal articles and short fiction pieces. O’Donnell’s intent was to relay  More...


O’Donnell’s stirring new work, PEOPLE OF THE SWORD, combines myth, history, and conquest with music, sorcery and a touch of romance to impart the struggles of two vastly different cultures suddenly dependent on one another for survival. Confronted by a common enemy, the wizard Crarnock, the druids and knights of Tropal realize that only through cooperation can they defeat Crarnock’s goblin army. The journey will test the resolve of both peoples as they realize that their collective bias and misunderstandings are as much a threat as Crarnock himself. For readers interested in history, mythology, culture change, and classic struggles between Good and Evil, (as well as being highly entertained) PEOPLE OF THE SWORD is for you.

PEOPLE OF THE SWORD started out as a collection of D&D characters looking for adventure in 1984. Through the years, the characters changed to be fictionalized characters based on family, friends and people I encountered. I through in some of my Celtic heritage and my anthropological research to polish off the story, which now serves as a prelude to a series. I hope readers enjoy this journey as much as I enjoyed writing it.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Margaret J. Dolan  
"I thoroughly enjoyed reading People of the Sword by Neil O'Donnell. As a writer, I appreciate the creative effort O'Donnell put into his exciting story. O'Donnell writes expertly and with obvious passion. His style is not to be ignored and O'Donnell has established himself an expert in his genre. I look forward to reading more from this new yet talented writer."