The Sedona City of Light: Revelation of the Prophecies, Purpose Plans and Coming Manifestation of A City of Light, Love and Healing.

Religion & Spirituality

By Genii Townsend

Publisher : The Light Center, Inc.

ABOUT Genii Townsend

Genii Townsend
Genii dropped out of high school and later found herself a divorced mother of a son and daughter trying to figure out how to support them with no office experience and totally no business sense.

The answer came in the form of entertaining through the medium of puppets (which wa More...


Out of The Closet After 25 Years, Imagine That!

What do you get if you combine: Sedona’s ancient history (according to Native Americans) as a Holy Sacred site, a crystal city of light and portal for intergalactic visitors; scenes from Cocoon of the “aliens” as “light bodies”; scenes from Contact with the technical plans for the tele-transportation  machine being “downloaded”; light frequency healing technologies from Star Trek; the essence of Ken Cary’s Starseed Transmissions and The Third Millennium and Shirley MacLaine’s Out on A Limb?

The answer . . . The Sedona City of Light: Revelation of the Prophecies, Purpose, Plans and Coming Manifestation of A City of Light, Love and Healing.

In this publication, initially an e-book, Genii shares information she has kept secret for 25 years. The book describes several prophecies, the purpose and plans for a prototype City of Light. Included are diagrams and descriptions of advanced “Light Healing Technologies”, discussion of the need for spiritual awakening and enlightenment on earth, and of Sedona’s past and future “ultimate destiny” as a City of Light.

The information on the City of Light and the detailed drawings were obtained over a period of about seven years by the late Rev. Dr. William Townsend. The drawings are based on guidance and direction he received from Inner Guidance while in a trance state similar to Edgar Cayce’s readings now maintained by the Association for Research and Enlightenment.

The documents and recordings are being transferred to a digital format. The contents can then be more readily accessible for ongoing research and development of possible training programs based on the information.

Since the first edition of the digital book was published, Genii has visited the City of Light over 25 times. She is presently working on publishing those updates in a new expanded edition (which will be given the everyone who purchased the first edition). Genii is also exploring hosting her own City of Light radio program on BlogTalkRadio.

Little did I know when I married Rev. William Townsend in the Apple Valley, California, Religious Science Church what an adventure we had in store for us. Not in my wildest imagination could I come up with such ideas. I was just a first year student from North Hollywood, California who delighted in the teaching of how I could better my life, which I had requested of God after a divorce. About a year later we were guided to leave there and go to Las Vegas, which was not my favorite place to live by any means, but it was thought that my career of puppet and marionette performing could be an advantage, due to stage productions Vegas style, and I made a lot of celebrity marionettes to fill the bill. Well, that was not why we were guided to be in Vegas, but rather to open a “Light Center” type church, which we did. That was not surprising due to Dr. Bill being a leading minister for some time in the movement. One day after service a lady told us that a friend of hers in another state was coming to Las Vegas and was guided to talk to Dr. Bill. She said he was a channel. I had some idea from some silly movies that tables would dance and ghosts would come forth and I was not in any way, shape or form into that! I was a student of truth, after all! Dr. Bill decided it would be all right, and because he was a meditation teacher and knew a lot more than this first year student. I said okay but I would have a room full of people, a tape recorder going, and it must be in the day time to light up that room. Everything I wanted was set up so this person who did weird things would be able to deliver his message, whatever it was, when he arrived. He did arrive with his wife, which made me feel better because I was thinking he was attached to someone who must be grounded, I hoped. A gentle artist entered, who proceeded to not only change his voice as he talked, but his features as well. To me this was astonishing, and so much so I was not hearing what was being said until nudged from within; "Pay attention!" So I did, and I learned many truths that resonated with me enough that I began to relax and absorb. Nothing of a grand nature was said until the next day when we went for a ride north, and it was here that we first heard about a City of Light, as he described it, when he had us stop at a specific location. Of course I could not see anything and neither could Dr. Bill, but what the heck, dreamers can envision anything. So that was the message. We said thanks and this man left, taking his multi-dimensional personage with him, and that was pretty much that. What interested me so much was the way the first meeting with him took place; a wife asking questions of her husband who was someone else (not a normal meeting in my thinking). I began to wonder about the way it was done. Dr. Bill was a deep meditation teacher so I asked him if he could do something like that where I could ask the questions and record the answers. Sounded like fun and I like fun so ... With him agreeing, we quickly set a time and proceeded to begin. Talk about sticking your neck out! I had no idea what would take place, much less what questions to ask. I was hanging in mid air when a few minutes later a strange voice came through Dr. Bill. Question? What question? Who has questions? Me? When I found my voice I said, "Hi". Well, sort of. This, then, was the beginning of many years of questions and answers from a floor and tape recorder position for me, and the "I’m not here" couch position of Bill. A few months into this way of learning thru questions and answers and then replaying the tape back to Bill so he could hear what came through, he was guided to obtain some art supplies, a drawing board and do some sketching. Since Bill only had mechanical drawing in school he was a perfect candidate, so for three years he brought through the plans of this City of Light, so-called, that the first visionary said he saw, for Bill had no personal thoughts of how it should be. Not that Bill really wanted to do this. He would “come out” periodically and say "I’m not doing this anymore", at which time he was promptly sent back into the guest room to continue bringing forth this artwork. When all was said and done, the results turned out to be architectural drawings and directions for this “City of Light”. At first we thought we were to build it ourselves until wisdom entered to inform us that not only did we not have the building material here, but no building code would permit it to be built under any circumstances. That pretty well set that in cement, so this had to be something in another dimension that somehow was to come forth here like magic. The City of Light, we were informed, was to be a “City of Light Healing”, a place where people would come to be healed of whatever thru the medium of light frequency attention, meaning no knives to be cutting into the human body light lines, and no needles to scare the kids and adults as well. Count me in too! This would be done in what is called “the light modules” of advanced technology where peace would reign supreme and no stress would even think of entering. Those who were “light linked” thru the Genii's sacred teachings of the 4 Keys to Light sessions would be given the opportunity to learn to be a Light Technician. This procedure would take place outside of the City proper, and there would be no charge to those who would be light serviced for a healing. In watching the plot plan of this city come forth, it looked a little like a storybook fantasy, some parts of which are familiar to us, but with advanced scientific technology that would send Star Trek writers back to the drawing boards. For example, a 1,500 foot High Tower that is designed to catch UPPC’s (Uniphase Power Capsules) that have been bombarding this planet for eons of time, thus lighting the City of Light and a zillion other areas it can reach. To me this indeed would have to be a God-made miracle as I saw no other way it could happen, and surely it is needed on this planet at this time in history. It has been 10 years since Dr. B made his transition, leaving me to carry the ball, so to speak, and all this time the plans and information have been secretly protected in their holiness. Before he left I was trained to trans-audio (channel) information, thus keeping me up on the current progress. When Dr. Bill departed, I was literally pushed to move to Sedona with my daughter, Starr-Light Taylor. I didn’t know why then. Now after living here for a few years and having the experiences shared in this publication, I know it was and is my ultimate destiny to be here in Sedona to introduce The City of Light Throughout this publication and in related Resources for Empowerment and Enlightenment catalogue, I have included other books, audio video programs and other resources you might find interesting. PS. This publication is a work in progress. Some of the wording received in the audio transmissions may seem strange but I have left them as I received them. While initial editing and proof reading have been performed, (mostly thanks to Kathie Brodie), please do share any typos you find or suggested clarifications with me. The main blog site is at

Revealing God's Healing Plan For Planet Earth, August 25, 2008

Renee Trenda - See all my reviews

Genii Townsend's book is a MUST read for every person who is wondering and praying about the conditions we are facing in our world. Are these the "End Times" of John's Prophetic "Book of Revelation?" Genii's book focuses on the positive side of the prophecy, wherein John declares that the "City of God, the New Jerusalem" will descend from the heavens, and herald in the age of peace. Genii is saying that she and her late husband have been privy to a great deal of information about this city. It is REAL. It's descent is imminent. John was entirely correct in his vision of the glory of this holy city. It has begun as an etheric creation, and is therefore invisible to human eyes, but it is soon to take on the visibility of the physical world, and will "appear" overnight. When it becomes known and visible, it's presence will astound the world, for the glory of God will radiate from it. There has never been anything like this on earth, and it will change our reality forever. This book is 100% positive good news that God's work is alive and well on planet earth after all, and an astounding goodness is about to happen right in the midst of the chaos of our times.


The Sedona City of Light A must read, October 27, 2008


John C. Baumann (Sedona,Az USA) - See all my reviews

This book is so full of TRUTH that I kept getting truth shivers up and down my spine! I can not wait for this beautiful City of Light to manifest so I can go there!