Strange Happenings: A Collection of Short Stories

Mystery & Thrillers

By Tammy Rockett-Box

Publisher : PublishAmerica

ABOUT Tammy Rockett-Box

Tammy Rockett-Box
Tammy Rockett-Box and Mary J. Rockett are daughter and mother. In 2008 the author duo turned their very own tragedy into the electrifying and telling book "Tragic Love". 

They captivate their readers with their fictional stories that are filled with drama, suspense, More...



Excerpt from the book “Strange Happenings”: A Collection of Short Stories

I heard a noise coming from the lake behind my house. The small lake appeared to be swelling with unusually large waves.  Something was rising up out of the water and it was massive.

I stood at my patio door listening, watching, and waiting.  Whatever it was, it was coming fast.  Suddenly they erupted from the water.  There were many of them and they rode on horses. They weren’t human; their faces were half man and half animal of some kind.  They had great power and raised their swords to the sky. 

I feared for my life but knew their power was greater than anything human.  I called for my son who came to stand by my side.  The closer they got the more mesmerized we were by the sight of them and found that as much as we wanted to run we couldn’t.  There was no hiding from them. I held my son close to me as though I could protect him.  Their swords pointed towards us as they approached. 

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