Rap Star


By Debra Clayton

Publisher : GenNext Publishing

ABOUT Debra Clayton

Debra Clayton
Debra was born and raised in Drakes Branch, Virginia, relocated to North Carolina during her teenage years but now resides in Anderson, South Carolina with her three kids.  She has an Associate Degree in Business Computer Programing and works full-time as a Project Leader for a local manu More...



Previously released as Rap Superstar. Rap star Anthony Talbert was the hottest rapper in the country and with his fame came an endless array of beautiful women, ready and willing to satisfy his every sexual fantasy. That was until he met the beautiful Randi Jacobs. Unlike the other women from his past, she rejected his offer of one night of passion with a rap star. Now he can't seem to get the woman that he couldn't get into his bed, out of his head and turns her entire world upside down just to make her his.

What happens when a hip-hop artist falls for an ordinary girl?