The Struggle to Be Myself

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By Starla Smith

Publisher : Createspace

ABOUT Starla Smith

Starla Smith
Starla Smith has a heart for encouraging women to find their true selves in the heart of God. She is a wife and mother of two. Starla enjoys finding the reasons behind why we hide who we are from eachother and sharing useful tools as to how to let go of the masks we wear that hid our truth More...



This book is about the lessons God brought me through to be able to walk along in this life being who he made me to be. Each chapter reads like a devotional with a selected journal entry from when I was dealing with these issues. I also have included questions at the end of the chapters to help you dig deeper into your own soul and find the ways you may be thwarting who you really are. Finding that when you know what you are doing to sabotage yourself you will become aware and turn to walk in who you truely are. COMING SOON: a handbook for groups to go along with this book. Start of with the Chapter: Be Yourself - I talk about 4 personality types, the gifts of each type, and the worries and corresponding weakness for each type. Become more aware of your personality and how you work on the inside on our journey to being ok with who God made us to be.