Tell Me a Lie


By Ronna Gage

Publisher : Freya's Bower

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     Ava is looking for love in all sorts of places, but when a handsome, smooth talking man catches her eye in the bar, love and romance are off. Sex and a good time are in play. When the morning after awakens a desire Ava can’t chance she runs away. And for Ford, the battle of love and war heats up, he takes matters into his own hands and dares to play the game….his way.



Ava’s mouth watered at the display of male physique. He leaned against the wall, in a nonchalant cowboy way, his long fingers gripping the neck of a beer bottle now stripped of its label. He hooked his thumbs inside the waistband of his jeans. The second he saw her, he straightened, but didn’t take a single step toward her. Disappointed, Ava fought the urge to let him see it. Rather than focus on her disillusionment, she thought of Darren’s lick-it-up suggestion. She would start from this guy’s long fingers and work her way up to his full lips.

Thankful for small miracles, she pushed the images aside and smiled. “Good evening.” She took a left and headed for the nearest exit instead of heading for the bar. A fit of butterflies swarmed in her stomach at the bold move. In the hallway, she heard a second set of footsteps. Her heart lightened with excitement.

 He followed her.

Ava dared to take this game to the next step. She slowed her pace but kept walking toward the parking lot.

“Aren’t you even going to tell me your name?"

Ava stopped, looked up to the starry night. Thank you, God! She turned. “Would it matter?"

“Maybe.” He caught up with her.

His smile sent a warm fuzzy feeling all through Ava’s lust-addled body.

She returned a simple smile. “Okay, let’s make this easy. Tell me a lie.”


When you meet someone that piques your interest, the heart and mind argue for control, and it can make you sick. You can't sleep, can't eat, feverish passions leaves you feeling chills through your whole body, you can't swallow for the large lump in your throat, and you feel wet in the most secret places. You take matters into your own hands and cure what ails you…. go straight to bed and sweat it out. Lonely and seeking a one night stand, Ava finds a smooth talking, good looking, man in a country bar. What is a girl to do with such potential and with no strings attatched? Tell Me a Lie **February 2010 Featured on the homepage**

"a unique twist and hot erotic romance... a nice Sunday afternoon read,
especially for someone looking for reassurance that romance still exists
even in unexpected places..."

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