Riding with the James Gang: a Luke and Jenny Adventure

Children's Books

By Gayle Martin

Publisher : Five Star Publications, Inc.

ABOUT Gayle Martin

Gayle Martin
History can be a challenge for adults and children alike, but there is so much more to history than names and dates.  Whether it be following young Luke and Jenny through their adventures in time, or preparing historic recipes in your kitchen, Gayle Martin brings history to life and helps More...


On the final night of their summer vacation Luke and Jenny decide to camp out on their great-grandmother’s porch at her Missouri farm.  But when their sweet dreams are interrupted by Kate, the ghost of a young farm girl, they once again find themselves on another journey back in time as they follow the adventures of Frank and Jesse James and their friend Cole Younger and his brothers. Young readers are right there with Luke and Jenny as Kate guides them though the Civil War and the many bank and train robberies committed by the notorious James-Younger outlaw gang.

"Riding with the James Gang" is the third installment in the award-winning Luke and Jenny series of historical novels for young readers by Gayle Martin.

What I love most about this book is the reader is treated to an accurate, birds eye view of the notorious James-Younger Gang as seen through the eyes of two youngsters, Luke and Jenny. These two have the ability to communicate with the spirit world and do some time traveling. Couldn't we all be so blessed.  What a great way for people, especially youngsters, to learn history.


Marshall Trimble, Official Arizona State Historian

Author, Arizona: A Cavalcade of History and Wyatt Earp: Showdown at



Author Gayle Martin captivates young readers with her easy to follow and understand explanations of a complex time period in American history. Riding with the James Gang is fun as well as educational. Definitely an imaginative way to introduce youngsters to the excitement of the American old west and family genealogy.


Jeff Smith, author of Alias Soapy Smith: The Life and Death of a Scoundrel.