The Teacher Within, Enraptured Ranting and Other Tales

Religion & Spirituality

By Ana Cortez

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ABOUT Ana Cortez

Ana Cortez
Ana Cortez is co-creator and author of The Playing Card Oracles, A Source Book for Divination, published by US Games Systems, and The Teacher Within, Enraptured Ranting and Other Tales. She has been practicing and studying various systems of divination and self-knowledge for 30 years. A More...


A new classic for extraordinary times. The Teacher Within, Enraptured Ranting and Other Tales, offers an unexpected approach to accessing the Teacher available within each of us.
Can't make it to India or that mountain top ashram? Tired of looking for the truth outside yourself? Author Ana Cortez demonstrates that the Master is already within you, patiently waiting for you to join with it.
Through her own intimate dialogues with the Teacher Within, Ana invites you to cultivate your very own living relationship with this source of profound insight and personal assistance.
An elegant foray into a timeless but often overlooked message, this book is packed with fresh and startling insight for every day life.
Writing ranges from no nonsense instruction with a frequently disarming directness to original, entertaining, and thought provoking verse. Second non-fiction work from author Ana Cortez

This book came about as a result of my experiences in the jungles of Brazil. Deep in Shamanic ceremony, I met my own Inner Teacher in a dramatic encounter. I was able to ask many questions and clarify much of what had previously perplexed me in my life. The best part is, this Inner Teacher instructed me on how to keep this connection to my own higher knowing for use in day to day living. Also communicated was that this book (The Teacher Within) needed to be written and that "I" would not decide what to write but, by maintaining connection to my own Inner Teacher as taught, the book would be written by this greater intelligence.

With great humility, presence, humor and a poet's paintbrush- Ana Cortez
invites us into the very intimate life of the Soul. For both beginners and
seasoned travelers alike, 'The Teacher Within' is a delightful and very
creative illumination of the great and beautiful Journey we are each called
to. I found it a joy and a balm.

Rev. Jenni Walker
Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Director