Tears of Love


By Mary Woodruff

Publisher : PublishAmerica

ABOUT Mary Woodruff

Mary Woodruff
I work for a busy Property Management Company in Durham, North Carolina. I love to read. My passion is creating characters. Giving each birth. Watching them grow beneath my finger tips with each key stroke.  I have two wonderful children who are grown, one grand-daughter and a dog. I have More...



Driven by the need to protect his father in less than twenty-four hours, Andrew McNeal, betrayed by his father, becomes married to the enemy's daughter--a woman who would be happy to slit his throat. However, Andrew quickly discovers his masculine desires are not immune towards the beauty.

An unconscious Skye McIver becomes married to and kidnapped by the interloper that breached the McIver's stronghold and killed her father, the McIver. With her brother, Patrick McIver off at war, Skye must use her own devices if she's to gain her freedom from the handsome devil, Andrew McNeal.

As fate would have it, the more Andrew and Skye are alone together, strong emotions rage out of control. Will Andrew give in to his masculine longings for the beauty? Will Skye give in to her treasonous body?

My story takes place during the time of yore. Men were taught from a very young age to either raise the sword or die by the sword. They were hardened and seasoned warriors. Marriage took place for reasons other than; love. The birth of a son meant the continuation of their blood line. I wanted to bring my readers deep into the heart and soul of such a warrior. A titled lord, if you will, who is all the above. Yet, inside the threads that created a heart of steel is a very compassionate being, and so much more...Andrew is brought to his knees by a Skye. A woman who for the first time since coming of an age unleashes such a longing even he is not immune to...