Splinters On The Carpenter's Floor

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By Randolph Alvis

Publisher : Holy Fire Publishing

ABOUT Randolph Alvis

Randolph Alvis
I am a fifty eight year old male currently employed with Target in Chesapeake,Va. I spent twenty one years as a route driver for a local bakery. I've been married to my wife Linda for thirty seven years and we have one son Chad. I love Indianapolis Colts football, UVA football and Old Domi More...


In the darkest time of my life God spoke to my heart to write down my prayers. GOD HEARS,HE CARES AND HE'S MOVING IN YOUR SITUATION! This book has been described as inspirational,very thought provoking,loved it from cover to cover, writings came from a good place, as I read it I wanted to release myself into the loving arms of Jesus.

Splinters On The Carpenter's Floor consist of forty two writings inspired by the Holy Spirit when I was praying to God to remove me from a difficult depression. These writings will touch anyone's heart dealing with the trials of life. God reached down in my bedroom over the span of four months of prayer and let me know that regardless of your situation, never stop praying....Jesus will never leave your side.



Splinters On The Carpenter’s Floor

Randolph Alvis

ISBN: 9781603831833

Holy Fire Publishing

Reviewed By Dominique Sessons

Official Apex Reviews Rating:

Stuck in the midst of a deep, worsening depression, Randolph Alvis prayed

fervently to God to release him from his mental and emotional affliction. In turn,

God not only heard Randolph’s prayers and freed him from his spiritual plight, but

He also directed him to record his prayers in written form for the benefit of the

countless others worldwide who continue to suffer from depression every day. As

a result,

Splinters On The Carpenter’s Floor is the fruit of Randolph’s labors.

Comprised of more than 40 insightful musings,

Splinters addresses a wide

range of different topics, allowing Alvis to strike a personal chord with readers

from all walks of life. Touching on everything from having patience to fighting

peer pressure to adopting a more humble attitude, Splinters is a ready source of

constant inspiration for anyone struggling to overcome the vast and sundry

challenges of their lives. From the start, Alvis doesn’t claim to be a biblical scholar,

but his sagacious insights are based on the considerable wealth of his real life

experiences, and, therefore, have just as much potential to have a sound, solid

impact on the lives of many who seek such practical direction and guidance.

From a deep, heartfelt place, Randolph Alvis has forged an inspirational,

deeply moving offering sure to serve as a balm for the daily spiritual maladies of

the masses. Kudos to Alvis for taking such a courageous, selfless step in helping to

improve the lot of his fellow man.