Where Are My Christmas Presents?

Children's Books

By JG Rives

Publisher : Sterli Publishing

Where Are My Christmas Presents?


JG Rives
Author of Children's Christmas Picture Book "Where Are My Christmas Presents?". Over 1,100 sold and counting!


 This is the perfect book for all children and parents to read if they want to experience the true Spirit of Christmas.

Edgar awakens on Christmas morning to discover that he has NO presents! Astonished and more than a little upset, he sets out to find his Christmas gifts. In his search, he meets less fortunate people who have more difficult problems than finding Christmas presents.

Then Edgar meets a miraculous stranger and learns an amazing truth. 

Will you discover what it is too?

J.G. Rives is a Children’s Book author who has captured the Spirit of Christmas in a heartwarming tale about a boy and a valuable lesson he learns on Christmas. Dot Young is an artist / illustrator who has combined her “hometown” style and genuine interest in the story to produce an ideal fit for this book. Category: Children’s Book / Christmas Specifications: Hardcover, dust jacket, 8 x 10, 44 pages. “Merry Christmas!” said the gentle stranger, as he smiled at the boy. “No, it’s not,” complained Edgar. “I can’t find my Christmas presents.” Sterli Publishing,

“Your book is great and really does fit our mission.”
Tom Tuohy               Founder and President, Dreams for Kids
“There's nothing like Christmas. This year Sterli Publishing is putting out an inspirational story about this wonderful season.”
Jennifer Leese              It's Only Ink!
“A great read. I recommend parents to read along with their child and discuss Edgar's adventure.”
Lea Schizas                 The Muse Book Review

“Where Are My Christmas Presents?  is a story that will engage elementary-aged children and teach them that Christmas is more than just receiving, but about giving as well. What a great message.”                          Armchair Interviews
“This is the story that parents want to share with their kids to remind them that getting isn't as important as giving.”          The Reading Tub

8th Place ballot! - The Bill Fisher Award for Best First Book (Children's/Young Adult)