Caroline, Caroline, What Are You Thinking?

Children's Books

By Ron Leonard

Publisher : LionHeart Press

ABOUT Ron Leonard

Ron Leonard
Ron Leonard is a business executive and a retired business development officer for a major NY bank.  An NYU graduate, Ron has taught at the American Institute of Banking, served as president of his local Chamber of Commerce and his local library board.  His real passions, however, have a More...



Ron Leonard’s new book, “Caroline, Caroline, What Are You Thinking?” describes the world through the eyes of his irrepressible grandchild. A seven-year intrigue, the author continued to imagine Caroline’s thoughts as she experienced her world. Soon, he committed his thoughts to pen and ink. Before long, he had 70 poems, each poem tells a story and each poem reflects a chapter in a child's life. Now, he’s presenting 11 of them in “Caroline, Caroline, What Are You Thinking?” published by Lionheart Press, an exquisite new 36-page book, beautifully illustrated by Don Berry, who has designed and illustrated dozens of books published in the United States and abroad.
"This ia A Must Read!"
Anne Llewellyn, Editor-in-Chief of Case In Point (US) 10/15/08 12:09 AM
Ron Leonard's book captures the essence of Childhood in his words and the illustrations of Don Berry. A "Must Read" for all generations!
"Ron Leonard Does It Again!"
Carol A. Gleason, MM, RN, CRRN, LRC (US) 10/15/08 12:08 AM
Ron Leonard does it again! I loved "Wonderland by Night"! Adults often forget these simple things that form lasting Childhood memories. It made me pause and remember sitting on my Grandmother's porch and counting stars and the wonderful, special times we shared.
"This Book is Magical!"
Marynita Anderson, Ph.D (Nassau Community College/SUNY) 10/15/08 12:07 AM
Ron Leonard describes a child's encounter with starry skies, musical sounds, fishing and doodling. He reminds us not only to take time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and the uniqueness of each person, but most importantly, to always view the world with the wonder that can only be seen through the eyes of an innocent child
"It is Delightful!"
Georganne Chapin (US) 10/15/08 12:06 AM
Every Page, every Verse, is a Delight! - A Grandfather's pleasure in his young Granddaughter's own delight in the world she is discovering