Baby Duck Gets A New Grandma

Children's Books

By MJ Daley-Prado

Publisher : lulu

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MJ Daley-Prado
MJ is an award winning illustrator and writer from Maryland. She has written several children's books including the Grandma What Is Cancer? and her newest release Piggie Wiggie's Great Adventure. MJ has also written her first non-fiction novella entitled Borrowed Time. MJ recently her st More...


Baby Duck is getting a new Grandma and she is not happy about it. She likes things just the way they used to be in her family. Baby Duck loved her loves her Grandmom very much and even though she isn't here anymore she didn't want anything to change. She wanted things to stay exactly the same. She didn't want anyone else to take her Grandmom's place. But...things did change. One day she meets Wilbur a kind, green,laid-back southern frog and life would never be the same.
This is a heartwarming,loving,fun adventure.

My daughter lost her Grandma and had a very difficult time accepting a new Grandmother. I had to let her know that there was always enough love to go around and that there is always enough love in your heart to love someone new. I wanted her to know that her Grandma would always love her and that it was okay to love her new Grandmother too.

"Baby Duck's New Grandma"
"This book definitely has a positive message though the pace is a little fast. It is definitely something children can relate to, especially those who have lost people they love and have to get used to new people.It is a good book that has a good lesson within itself." Reviewer:CT Ghostwriter reviews