If Loving Two Is Wrong...

General Fiction

By Kimberly Beverly

Publisher : Oshun Publishing

ABOUT Kimberly Beverly

Kimberly Beverly
My name is Kim Beverly and I am a new author that is very excited about my first book, "If Loving Two Is Wrong..." I am a Philadelphia native and I enjoy writing, whether it be a novel, songs or poems. I have a degree in Journalism from Penn State University. My musical roots in More...


If Loving Two Is Wrong...is about the main character, Kayla, and her particular journey that takes her from security, to unfamiliar territory and all the drama that comes in between. Kayla has always known that Mark was the man for her, even though he was her brother's best friend and five years her senior. But when things are meant to be, they just are and when she becomes a young woman, Mark takes notice! They are truly soulmates, but a very lucrative business opportunity separates them just long enough for doubt and opportunity to creep in. It would take more than the average man to detour Kayla's heart from Mark and that's evident by her failed attempts at dating. But when her lively, college friend, Jackie, introduces Kayla to Chloe, her corporate lawyer boss, things take an interesting change. Chloe's gay and has no problem letting Kayla know that she finds her attractive. What starts out as a budding friendship, slowly turns to more. And just when Kayla is becoming comfortable with the idea of caring, intimately, for a woman, Mark calls, he's home and unaware that anything has changed between him and Kayla. Now, Kayla has a choice to make and the fact that no one knows about her and Chloe's relationship, but Chloe, proves to be a very big problem. Secrecy hinders her ability to make a decision and wreaks even more havoc with family and friends. These are just a few of the highs and lows that makes Kayla's life a virtual rollercoaster ride. However, this story is much more than a woman falling for a woman story. It's about realizing that love (not sex) can come in more than one form and how strong bonds of friendship and family can pull you through anything, including tragedy! Kayla invites you into her world and implores you to take the ride with her and after you do; we'd both like to know what and how you would've done things differently, or if, you too, could be left wondering If Loving Two is Wrong...

While on patrol one evening, I decided to start a story. I've always been an avid reader and wanted to see if I could create a story that would intrigue others the way I've been by other authors. So, I began writing a story based on a relationship between a man and a woman. As I wrote, the story began to formulate. I believe someone gave me an E. Lynne Harris book and it gave me the idea to add the twist of a woman discovering that she has feelings for another woman. However, I did not want to glamorize or treat the subject matter lightly. I wanted to make it a real situation that anyone could find themselves in and treat it as such. Funny thing, as I continued to write, the story just unfolded and that's why I give GOD the credit and glory for finishing this book! This book is not to encourage any type of lifestyle, but to depict a segment of reality and to do it in a way that many people might be able to relate with. Plus, there's a whole lot more, family, love, domestic violence and friendship are all a part of IF Loving Two Is Wrong...

5.0 out of 5 starsTwo Sides To A Different Coin!, July 17, 2009
This is the first book that I've read that's really told a story about a female who was into another female. When I first picked up the book, I didn't know how I would like it, but this book is REALLY good. Maybe because it shows how Kayla -- who never experienced female love before and was never even curious about the possibility -- actually begins to catch feelings for a woman, and how the affair blossoms from there. The story is great, and there's not a whole lot of pages on sex, but a lot about how relationships develop, fallapart, and perhaps become whole again.
Definitely a book I would recommend to any and everyone!

If Loving Two is Wrong . . . grabs you by the soul from the first page and never lets go until the very end. Can't wait to read Kim Beverly's next novel so i can be captivated all over a again. A must read! --Leyton Wint, author of Prey For Love

"Romance, sex, and drama...If Loving Two Is Wrong has it all. A definite must read." - Karen E. Quinones Miller, Essence bestselling author of Satin Doll, I'm Telling and Passin'