Heal My Hurting Heart


By Allison Knight

Publisher : Champagne Books, Inc.

ABOUT Allison Knight

Allison Knight
Allison Knight has been reading for many, many years. Even during the busy years of teaching and raising her family, Allison read, often late into the night, loving those books with happy endings.
Her love of romance gave her the incentive to try to write one of her own. She d More...



Luke Adams, a Colorado rancher, doesn't trust women, but when he finds injured Gina Walker on his mountain, pleading for her life, he takes her home. At first, Gina can't remember her past, and Luke knows he has a guest he doesn't want. When her memory returns she says nothing, afraid Luke will send her back to her murdering stepfather. She wants to reach the northwest and the safety of her aunt. When Luke compromises her and they marry, Gina still refuses to tell Luke the truth. When unaccountable incidents begin to happen around the ranch she realizes her stepfather has found her. She has to tell Luke about her past. Will their growing love sustain them when Luke finds out the truth, or will he force her to return to St. Louis and a certain death?

Luke Adams is a Colorado rancher. While he is out looking for strays he
      comes across an over turned wagon. He looks around and finds a badly
      injured woman. His only clue to her identity is an engraved necklace with
      the name Gina. It is obvious from her injuries that she had been beaten
      but Gina says she has no memories of her life. Gina suffers from terrible
      nightmares and her fear continues to grow until finally she remembers
      where the danger lies.
      She fears that if she tells Luke she has her memory back he will return
      her to her vicious stepfather, the man that killed her mother in order to
      be able to marry her. She hopes to be able to earn enough money to make it
      to safety.
      When Luke compromises Gina he knows it his duty to marry her. Still Gina
      does not confess that her memory has returned. When her stepfather catches
      up with her she tries to tell Luke the truth but he only hears that she
      lied to him about her memory. Having been hurt by females before he does
      not believe the danger she says they are both in until it is almost too
      Heal My Hurting Heart is an emotionally stirring romance that is based
      around the concept of trust. Passionate and exciting this fast paced
      historical will have readers anxiously waiting the time when all truths
      are revealed. Emotionally stirring this story tells of two compelling
      characters that have been hurt in their past coming together to find love.

      Luke is a hard working handsome rancher. He does not trust women and does
      not want one in his life. But he cannot deny the attraction he feels for
      Gina. He struggles with his lack of trust making mistakes and hurting
      those around him. He will have to grow and learn that all women are not
      like the ones that have hurt him. He angers the readers and has them
      feeling sorry for him at the same time. It is easy to see why he feels the
      way he does but it does not make it right how he treats Gina.
      Gina is a young woman that is scared for her life. She is a character
      everyone wants to protect. In a time when men control everything and women
      have little rights it is hard to trust those around her. She fears that
      they will believe that she belongs with the stepfather. She is only happy
      when she is in Luke’s arms. Readers will attach themselves to this
      character and hope for the best but know things will be bad before the
      story is through.
      Few surprises are in store for the reader in this romance. It is a
      familiar tale but with a few new twists. The readers will be intrigued
      with why the stepfather is so determined to get a hold of Gina. Readers
      are encouraged to check out Heal My Hurting Heart by Allison Knight.
      Overall rating:
      Sensuality rating: Very sensual
      Reviewer: Anita
      March 22, 2007