I Don’t Like Corn Flakes, or Mum’s New Spectacles

Biographies & Memoirs

By John Buster

Publisher : IUniverse

ABOUT John Buster

John buster
John Buster was born in 1925 and has lived through the remainder of the twentieth century.  He is still alive and kicking.  Mr. Buster is now retired and living on the south coast of England.


This is a collection of short stories about incidents that have occurred during my life. Several contain swear words and words of a sexual nature, and most of them are true. The exceptions are “The Cruise,” which is mainly fiction, and “Don’t Wave – We’re British,” which was told to me by an oppo.
In the story “I Don’t Like Corn Flakes,” I explain why I didn’t like them the way my father dished them up. Have you ever been frightened by your mother? I loved my mother very much, but when I was a child, she frightened the life out of me, as in “Mum’s New Spectacles.”
Have you ever yearned for something that you couldn’t have? I always fancied a bloater (smoked herring) but never did get the chance to have one when I was young.
Some ladies with whom I have associated have no regard for husbands or boyfriends, so it was not unlikely

that the first girlfriend I met sent me a Dear John as soon as I volunteered for the Navy.
This book could (if I wanted) be divided into three sections: before the war, during the war, and post-war.

I am retired so writing the stories that have occured during my long life. Have also lectured, have hobbies that include collecting things, stamps postcards,etc. Go out to lunch most days, also shopping, which i love to do. Now finished writing.