Self-Disclosure: Changes from Within

Self-Help and Personal Development

By Liara Covert Ph.D.

Publisher : Strategic Book Publishing

ABOUT Liara Covert Ph.D.

Liara Covert Ph.D.
Liara's Dreambuilders Australia Blog offers many articles that serve as a resource for expansion and awakening.  As a dream analyst and empowerment guide, her life is enriched by extensive travel and diverse experiences.  Her print books include; Self-Disclosure: Changes from Within (ha More...


Could talking to a stranger in passing on a public bus change your life forever?  For the author of Self-Disclosure: Changes from Within, it did.

Just that simple interaction set in motion a romance with a partner 18,000 km away.  And from then on, nothing was the same.

With the revelation that love is why she exists, the author discovers more to love than she knew possible.  The desire for further insight propels her on travels around the world as she discovers that the life path she is taking does not follow expected routes.

 This isn’t the journey of one person; it belongs to everyone.  Awaken the dormant parts of your soul and understand how to identify the truth about yourself as you are now.  Self-Disclosure: Changes from Within offers a key to unlocking your spiritual potential and opening the door to limitless happiness and love.