Chinatown Buffet


By Shannon Leigh

Publisher : Amber Quill Press

Chinatown Buffet

ABOUT Shannon Leigh

Shannon Leigh
I'm  a practicing registered nurse who graduated with a B.S.N. R.N. from the Indiana University School of nursing in May of 1996. I live in Indiana with my husband, four sons, dog, and one cat. The boys and I enjoy camping, fishing, and sitting out back with the dogs, while a cozy fir More...



They say the road to success is a lonely one. Newly named corporate executive of the Chinese American Development Corporation, Ms. Mei Ling Zhao, can attest to this. Hated by her subordinates, her acquired status has truly left her friendless and in need of some male attention. After a long week of dealing with spiteful employees, threatening letters, and one headache after another, she treats herself to a much-needed drink and an order of fast-food—Chinese takeout, via "special delivery."

While Mei Ling expects her meal to arrive smoking hot and in a timely manner, she doesn’t anticipate her delivery boy to be tall, tanned Texan with a black Stetson, levis that cling to all the right places, and seafoam eyes that remind her of ocean water pooling on the shore. And yet, when she opens her door, that’s exactly what she finds standing on her stoop.

Seems the Chinatown Buffet is in the business of delivering more than just a tasty meal, and Mei Ling is about to find out what "special delivery" really means...

The Best Reviews

CHINATOWN BUFFET is a very hot, sensual read. Shannon Leigh does a wonderful job of portraying the life of a female in a position of authority, right down to the loneliness. The action in this story will definitely warm you up on a cold winter night. Don't read this one alone!

--Chere Gruver


Coffeetime Romance

Ms. Leigh has penned a delightfully erotic romance. Mei and Travis are wonderful

characters who ignite when they are together. Their witty dialogue and deliciously hot

sex scenes set the pages on fire. For a quick hot and delicious read, Chinatown Buffet

is the one. This is a definite keeper.

Rating: 4 Steaming Cups of Coffee!



Enchanted Ramblings

This was a fun sexy read. Sparks fly between Mei and Travis from the start and as the time passes both feel more than they expected and it turns sweet. I recommend this if you want a quick read with the feel of a longer story.

Rating: 4 ½ Wands!




Eternal Night

If you're in the market for a book that's as heated as five spice powder, then without a doubt, this is what you are looking for. Its a very fast read, so even those with limited time can indulge.




Fallen Angel Reviews

<I>Chinatown Buffet</I> is a sensuous tale of corporate loneliness. Mei Ling is lonely at the pinnacle where she is viewed as the “Iron Maiden.” Travis has his choice of female companions; however, they do not understand or value his career leaving him wanting more. Maybe it is time they find a companion who shares their goals? <b>Shannon Leigh</b> deftly and evocatively depicts the isolation at the summit with a vigorous measure of pent-up ardent passion. The fervor from Chinatown Buffet had my monitor steaming up.

Rating: 5 Angels!





The Romance Studio

Shannon Leigh did an excellent job with her characters, giving them qualities that many of us seen in ourselves everyday. It was an enjoyable read and I hope to hear more about those two!

Rating: 4 Hearts!

--Anita Jackson



Just Erotic Romance Reviews

“Chinatown Buffet is a short, sexy romp. The characters are funny, the situation is hilarious and the sex is sizzling…everything you need for a wonderful read. You’ll finish up this story with only one thought…wonder if I can get my own “special delivery” from Chinatown Buffet?”




Writer's Unlimited

What woman wouldn’t want to be able to call for take out and order a night of mind-blowing sex? I love Shannon Leigh’s fertile imagination and storytelling skill. <b>Chinatown Buffet</b> shows us you can find love at first site in the strangest circumstances.

--Jan Douglas



Kari's Korner

Ms. Leigh’s stories are always filled with hot, sexual tension, and grab a reader into the plot from the first line on. Mei Ling Zhao has reached the top of the Corporate ladder, but it’s a lonely place to be. Friendless, Mei decides to celebrate her victory alone, with champagne and take-out dinner. But when Travis Marshal shows up pretending to be the delivery boy, Mei’s intended ‘night alone’ turns into a night of sensual pleasure beyond her wildest dreams.

--Kari Thomas



Heartstrings Reviews

<b>Chinatown Buffet</b> is a fun, frolicsome, erotic escape. Yes, indeed, the next time I order Chinese, I think I'll take a side-order of tall, tanned Texan -- extra spicy, of course.

--Cheryl Jefferies


May Reviews

“Ms. Leigh has written a hot story with romance. Considering the short length the characters are well developed and the storyline is sensually intriguing. Marshall sounds delicious, and Mei Ling in complete agreement, and eager for a night of uncomplicated sex. That she gets more than she bargained for is only a plus.”

--May Holley



Joyfully Reviewed

Chinatown Buffet is a delicious romp. I love the way Shannon Leigh brings together characters who would most likely meet in a very tense situation. Instead they meet in a delightful let-me-show-you-what-I-can-do-with-Moo Goo Gai Pan encounter. The sex is spicy, and there is a particular negotiation at the end that I love. Travis is a man with a plan, but those plans change upon meeting Mei Ling. Mei Ling is a lonely woman in need of the one thing she misses most since leaving Texas: the sexy, make your mouth water men. You will have to go out and get this story and have a taste for yourself. Just don’t run out of money calling around town for a “special delivery.” Chinatown Buffet delivers!

--Dee Valentine



Enchanted In Romance

“Chinatown Buffet is a scorching read that I couldn’t put down for a second. Fast paced, with wonderful characters, this book is definitely a winner.”