Becoming Mommy... Becoming Me

Family & Relationships

By Alisha Williams

Publisher : PublishAmerica

Becoming Mommy... Becoming Me

ABOUT Alisha Williams

Alisha Williams
I am a mother of two and a wife of one....  I am vrey family oriented, when I am not writingor working, I am busy doing something with them.  I love being a mother and writing so combining the two on this book was a great expereince.



Every mother has a story that is a major part of her life and makes her who she is. There are many mothers who take pride in their story, and there are also ones that feel ashamed of theirs. Although we may not realize it we are not alone. These are the stories of 14 women that have had to overcome obstacles in life that are seldom talked about but often experienced. Every story is true and from a firsthand basis. These stories are real and nothing is sugar coated for a typical happy ending. These accounts are written as told to the writer. It is advised that the reader have an open mind and heart while reading this book. You can never know what a person is going through unless you were there. Many times people make decisions based on what they think is right for them at the time.

These stories that are in my book feature subjects that should be discussed, but are often avoided due to shame and embarrassment. I wrote this book because I myself was in a tough sitation and I felt alon at the time. No one should ever feel alone, it is nice to know that there are other people in the world who may not have the same situation happening to them, but have the same feelings.