The Art of Losing


By Lisa Troy

Publisher : Freya's Bower

ABOUT Lisa Troy

Lisa Troy
I'm a published erotic romance author


Her heart is off limits. She's only looking for fun and sex. Emily Stone is sick of men and their lying, cheating, self-centered ways. A stranger stealing a kiss on New Year's Eve is the last drop. She makes the resolution to turn the tables on the opposite sex and beat them in their own game.

But when the stranger turns out to be Blake Edwards, the brother of one of her students, Emily's plans start to go awry.

Blake pursues her with a vengeance. He's sexy, has all the right answers and makes her heart flip in her chest with just a smile. But he's also too confident, annoying, not to mention he can end her career with just a word at a time when money is scarcer than shooting stars.

Should Emily fight her strong attraction to him or add another name to her date card and pretend Blake's no different than the rest of them?