The Spring of Hope: Messages from Mother Mary

ABOUT Carolyn Cobelo

Carolyn Cobelo
Carolyn Cobelo is a highly regarded healer, channel, and spiritual teacher who is the founder and president of Akasha Entertainment, the world's premiere metaphysical media company dedicated to expanding consciousness. In addition to founding two metaphysical film festivals, Carolyn has wr More...



Sit comfortably....breathe deeply....and tap into the gentle spiritual wisdom of Divine Mother Mary.  Learn about the spiritual value of love, money, health, angels, aging, and death. Transform your fears and remove unworthiness from your heart.  Page after page, Mother Mary's deep compassion and unconditional love take you to God.

In the 1990's, psychotherapist Carolyn E. Cobelo sensed a feminine spiritual presence around her, which she soon learned was the physical manifestation of the Virgin Mary. She soon traveled the world to 25 countries sharing Mother Mary's channeled messages, filled with spiritual wisdom and beauty.

"A completely gorgeous book, full of spiritual wisdom and grace." - Dr. Michael R. Smith, author of the Complete Empath Toolkit.

"A beautiful and gentle book that brings us guidance and hope for living our greatest potential" - Jayn Stewart, spiritual counselor.