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By Zaria Garrison

Publisher : Urban Christian

ABOUT Zaria Garrison

Zaria Garrison
Zaria Garrison was born and raised in Greenville SC, where she found a love for reading and writing at an early age.In 2005 her first novel Baring it All was released by Publish America under her birth name Gena L. Garrison. It received rave reviews and she was awarded the best new author  More...


It’s good twin versus bad in this Christian drama filled with romantic rivalry and sister strife. Phylicia and Phoebe are both in love with Reverend Gary Morgan, the pastor of Freedom Inspiration, but he only has eyes for his high school sweetheart, Phylicia. That doesn’t stop Phoebe from scheming to get him, however. The girls are saved and saving themselves for marriage, but Phoebe decides to pose as her sister one day and seduces the poor pastor—who’s enraged when he learns he’s been duped. Phylicia and Gary are able to get past it and build a life together, while shamed Phoebe leaves town. But that’s not the last they’ll all hear of the betrayal that altered the course of everyone’s destiny, including that of their children…

This story began as a re-telling of the Biblical story of The Prodigal Son, with the main characters being females who also happen to be twins. It explores sibling rivalry, forgiveness, and trusting God.

I enjoyed this selection. Just when I thought I had everything figured it, there was another twist. The author held my attention and this was a fast read for me. I recommend this selection to anyone who enjoys a fast-paced storyline that keeps you guessing. Although drama-filled, the author does a good job with Biblical references, reminding readers that there is always a source to turn toward for help, God. If you are interested in topics such as sibling rivalry, jealousy, competition, family turmoil, forgiveness and redemption, this will be a good read for you.

I would read another selection by Ms. Garrison.

Review by Tavares S. Carney