Dead Wrong

General Fiction

By Terrill Peterson

Publisher : Platinum Peach Press, LLC

ABOUT Terrill Peterson

terrill peterson


If  boys will be boys, men will be…….


Friends who became brothers. Brothers who became partners in crime. Partners who became KINGs in the ATL drug game after leaving the inferno they set in the District (Washington, DC).


For years Tremaine and Preston shared everything from accomplishments to women. But with age came maturity. With maturation came PMS (power, money, sex), the fruits of their labor. Tremaine remains grounded to the principles and foundations that their empire was built on while continuing to clean up the destructive paths left in Preston’s wake. Intoxicated and corrupted by PMS, the latter cuts a void into his fiancee’s heart so deep she filled it with the passion and love of the only man Preston feared…… Trey.


When given a dose of his own medicine Preston loses control, reveals a deadly secret, and outcasts Trey from the family. Worse he promises a 2 million dollar payday to anyone in the “A” that is capable of killing his former best friend.


However, history had prepared Trey for the moment Satan reared his ugly head.

The story behind this book is that you have to be aware of Karma