Recipes for a Beautiful Life

Religion & Spirituality

By Madaline Hall

Publisher : Booksurge/Createspace

ABOUT Madaline Hall

Madaline Hall
My co-author and I have been friends since we were 11 years of age.  Although she lives in California and I in New York, we came together to write this book, a culmination our love for God, photography and inspirational messages from the Bible.

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This unique book contains photographs of beautiful landscapes, people of different ages and ethnicities, which are matched up with inspirational bible verses that correspond with the feeling of the photographs. The second part of the book contains skin care and bath treatments using natural spa treatments that can be found in the home. 

"Recipes For A Beautiful Life" is about being open to God's beauty around us, relaxation and making ourselves look and feel the best we can through using spa treatments that can be found in the home.

Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (12/09)

Setting: Cold, raining day. Fireplace roaring.
Need: A time for contemplation.
How: Open "Recipes for a Beautiful Life."

Yes, that's exactly what I did. Upon opening this wonderful book the reader will find beautiful pictures on every page as well as a passage from the Bible that relates to the scene. For example, (and my favorite), is a picture of two hands holding a very small baby. The child has the most charming look with eyes as wide open as they can get. One can't help but smile at the innocence. The passage below the picture says "Every good and perfect gift is from above. James 1:17." Need I say more?

This inspiring book serves as a road-map to a place within oneself. The passages are thought-provoking, effective, and powerful. Put together beautifully, Julie Keye and Madaline Hall present us a way to go into our inner thoughts, being grateful for who we are.

But there is more. The second part of the book was a pleasant surprise. There are actual recipes for home spa treatments made from natural ingredients that can be found in anyone's home. I really enjoyed this added touch and tried several of the treatments. I love them!

What an inspiring way to open up to God and find the beauty in all things, including ourselves! "Recipes for a Beautiful Life" by Julie Keye and Madaline Hall is a great book and I highly recommend it.

Madaline and Julie have created a "time-out" for women in Recipes for a Beautiful Life. Enjoyable pictures and Scriptures, refreshing herbal bath treatments and rejuvenating homemade facial products encourage us to take a few minutes to renew our bodies and souls." Beth Lester, Owner, Home Staging Designs of California.

The authors urge women to take at least a moment every day to appreciate something beautiful, whether it be a child or a flower or a sunset. It’s important to eat healthy and exercise, she says, but it’s equally as important to nourish your mind and soul through prayer and inspirational reading. To inspire readers she has put together a collection of photographs and Bible verses. The author uses great photographs, and the verses that are paired with each one are quite fitting. The spa tips in the back are a real treat. I would read this and put it on my coffee table. It’s a quick read, something nice to flip through and to enjoy the photography. It’s also something nice to show to your friends." The P3 Press, a division of Brown Books Publishing Group

Recipes for a Beautiful Life

Authors, Julie Keye and Madaline Hall believe it's just as important to recharge our body through healthy food and exercise, as it is to charge our spirit through inspirational reading, prayer, and mediation. That's why they joined forces, to pen a book with the intention to enhance a woman's life with a stronger sense of well being. Calling upon verses from the Bible, inspirational messages, beautiful photography, and imagery; they create an inspirational book, "Recipes for a beautiful life."

Amazing photography, landcapes that cause the reader to pause and celebrate the beauty in life and reflective inspirational psalms fill the pages of this read.
A sprinkling of God's Beauty, a dash of Relaxation, and a generous helping of Natural Spa Treatments are the Recipes for a Beautiful Life, share women who find inspiration in this book.

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