Lockbox 436 (Letters from my Father)

ABOUT John Graham, Sr. And Todd Doyle

John Graham, Sr. and Todd Doyle
John Graham, Sr. – A native of Gulfport, Mississippi, Mr. Graham is a Master Instructor Shaolin Kung Fu and instructs at the Southern Shaolin Kung Fu school.  As a highly-successful, motivational speaker, he inspires, provides direction and education for his students and many others on  More...


Daniel Irving receives a visit from his estranged younger brother, Steve, who gives him a key. This mysterious key opens a bank lockbox containing nine letters from his father — his only inheritance. Travel with Daniel as he discovers a tradition of values and principles from long ago, but not forgotten. Principles that become the legacy of the Irving men. Principles and values that make heroes today.

John Graham- I was standing on the porch with my father just a day before he was to go into the hospital for the last time. Knowing that he wouldn't be coming out, I asked him if he had anything to say to me. "Well…" he rasped "It went fast." There are things that he could have said to me that he didn't. There are things that I wish that my father had said to me. This book is inspired by that wish. What does a father need to communicate to his son? What does a son need to hear from his father? These are questions that are answered by this book. Todd Doyle- I am motivated by powerful ideas and the characters of the story as they come alive in my head. Who and/or what inspire you most? John Graham- my primary inspiration is my Grandmaster and mentor, Chee Kim Thong. He taught me the leadership principles and values that have brought me to a wonderful place in my life. Todd Doyle- I am inspired by the very act of writing. When I see the expression on a reader's face change as a result of the words on the page, it gives me goosebumps. I can't tell you which is more exciting, the writing the words, or the emotional response they elicit.