When I Remember Love


By Trish Silver

Publisher : Iuniverse

ABOUT Trish Silver

Trish Silver
I was inspired to write  When I Remember Love  after closely following the journey of a real American Idol from his television debut to his realization of a life-changing career. This journey provided me insight into the characteristics of a phenomenal fan base, as well as an inside look More...


“”When I Remember Love” is a poignant story that follows two kindred spirits as their lives collide and their passion ignites, leading them to build a life together through circumstances that range from exhilarating and exciting to difficult and frightening. When Jenna, a young woman who is grieving the loss of her mother, is invited to stay with her aunt in Los Angeles, she has no idea that her life is about to change. It is there that she meets Aidan Price, a young singer who has come to Hollywood to compete on American Star, the immensely popular televised singing competition. Their connection—physically, romantically, and spiritually—is instant, and together they embark on a journey that tests their love and their commitment to each other.

Aidan and Jenna find themselves navigating the demanding music business and enduring the disturbing media scrutiny that comes with Aidan’s new found fame as America’s newest music sensation. Despite all the intrusions from the press, record company representatives, lawyers, and music producers, Aidan and Jenna’s deep love allows them to create a beautiful life together, which gives them the strength to face not only the pressures of international fame, but the personal hardships of devastating illness and difficult recovery. Theirs is a relationship built on sincere devotion that will inspire readers to believe in the power of true love.”

Are you one of millions of people who sat glued to their television sets each week watching their favorite reality talent contestant perform, cheering them on, voting for them, and - if they survive to break through as potential stars - following their budding careers? I admit that I got caught up in the excitement one season and became a fan of an idol who inspired me to explore my own talents. So, I have written a novel that came to me in a dream about a fictitious pop star discovered on a fictitious TV talent competition show. I know mine isn't the first story told about an undiscovered talent's humble beginnings and the road that led them into the spotlight on a hit TV talent show and culminated in a life-changing victory. However, where those stories end, mine is just beginning. When I Remember Love takes readers along on the journey of a newborn star who discovers his soul mate while on the verge of superstardom. How does one balance a normal family life while swept up in the exciting, frenetic life of a superstar? Can love survive in such a surreal environment? Will it stand the test of time under those circumstances? Readers of my novel get a glimpse behind the concert stage and, for mature readers, into the bedroom of hot superstar, Aidan Price, and his beautiful wife Jenna, whose passion ignites on the pages of my book.

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