Becoming The Perfect Networker... Succeeding One Connection @ a Time

Business, Money & Investing

By Ken Rochon

Publisher : Perfect Publishing Co.

ABOUT Ken Rochon

Ken Rochon
I am an entrepreneur, a mixologist, a student of life, a teacher, a world traveler, recently an author... and most of all a Perfect Networker.



From page one, BECOMING THE PERFECT NETWORKER succeeds as an entertaining, informative, and engaging work. Almost every page is filled with useful nuggets to help anyone become more successful through business networking and relationship building. The book keeps you going as well with helpful as well as humorous illustrations that would be worth the cost of this book by themselves. 

If you are a fan of books designed to help you become more successful, then you should definitely pick this one up...follow the message Ken (Rochon, the author) and other PERFECT NETWORKERS, and you and your business WILL benefit.

This last recession really shook professional entrepreneurs up who were used to staying in the office answering phones, taking orders and collecting business opportunities. When the phones were dead, their businesses were in jeopardy, and I saw a need through the multitude of questions I was receiving about networking, facebook, twitter, socail networking, offline networking mixers, etc. The questions provided a format and outline to work from. The book took on a life of it's own.