Armed Forces in Harm's Way

General Fiction

By Paul Bel-Tempo

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Armed Forces in Harm's Way

ABOUT Paul Bel-Tempo

Paul Bel-Tempo
I'm a retiree. I've reentered higher education and have 100 credits to a degree in Political Science. I'm a former U.S.Army Staff Sergeant.  Demonstrated leadership.
I play the alto and tenor sax, along with fiddling on the key board.  I have an actors experience with four plays and More...



Drugs are indulged in on our nation's military campuses.  Instructors are selling it. Greedy distributors fight and one dies.  FBI creates a sting on both schools.  Lots of students bust their classmates for being caught.  This agent meets a women naval officer and goes bonkers over her.  She feels the same way but thinks he is a commander and forbidden love.  He hates himself for having to lie to her about everything because he is undercover.

I have written several books. This is the first published one.