Friends in Deed

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By T. M. Hunter

Publisher : Champagne Books

ABOUT T. M. Hunter

T. M. Hunter
As a writer of science fiction novels and short stories, T. M. Hunter has appeared in such publications as Ray Gun Revival, Residential Aliens, Golden Visions Magazine and Lorelei Signal, and has twice (2007, 2009) received a top ten finish in the P&E Readers Poll. He currently has two More...


Betrayed by former friends, space pirate Aston West must face his past, and keep himself alive long enough to escape.

This book was actually born out of a brief mention in my first novel, Heroes Die Young. In that first book, I mention the two main antagonists in this one, Lars and Elijah Cassus. I sat around one day and thought about what those two characters must really have been like. From there, it became obvious these two had to show up in Aston's life again...and voila, Friends in Deed was born!

The real strength of this second book in a series is that T.M. Hunter makes the aliens, humans, and action so believable. I've never been a sci fi fan, but I love Aston West with all his strengths and foibles. -- Midwest Book Review